B. S. Johnson


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Santrauka: Reissued for the first time in many years, and for the first time together, this omnibus contains B.S. Johnson's most famous and critically acclaimed novels. ALBERT ANGELO (1964) was Johnson's second novel. The eponymous Albert is an architect by training but a supply teacher through economic necessity, and as his character begins to question what he wants to achieve, Johnson attempts to reproduce the dissatisfactions and disappointments we experience as an inevitable part of life. TRAWL (1966) is Johnson's convincingly authentic and harrowing attempt to describe the human condition, as seen through the eyes of the solitary passenger on board a deep-water trawler. HOUSE MOTHER NORMAL: A Geriatric Comedy (1971) is a remarkable study of old age as the same events are relayed through the eyes of eight different inmates of an old people's home.

Šis narys parduoda 396 knygas.

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