Cecelia Ahern, Nicholas Sparks, Bernadette Strachan

Of Love and Life: Thanks for the Memories / The Choice / Little White Lies

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Santrauka: Thanks ​for the memories: After Joyce Conway is given a blood transfusion following a miscarriage, she finds herself suffering from déjá vu – although, bizarrely, the memories are not her own but those of a young man. Why is this happenning to her? And who is this man that she feels such a connection to? Is it possible to find him? The choice: Travis Parker and Gabby Holland are new neighbours, brought together by their much-loved dogs. But from the moment they meet, both Travis and Gabby know that the course of their lives is about to change direction. A touching tale in which Nicholas Sparks explores just how far people should go to keep love alive. Little white lies: Sole Bay, an idyllic seaside resort in Sussex, complete with beach huts and golden sands, is a haven for anyone in need of escape. So when Great-Aunty Babs asks Billie if she will manage her run-down coastal bridal boutique, Billie grabs the chance to leave her troubles behind… even though she's allergic to weddings.

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