Morgan Michaela


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Santrauka: From back cover: An epic saga of romantic adventure! Intrigue - inside the heart of a savage revolution! Adventure - from palatial splendor to desert battles! Passion - the fiery passions of people fighting for ideals! Love - the intoxicating ecstasies of a wild romance! Madelaina Obregon is the beautiful, high-spirited daughter of a Mexican general. Peter Duprez is a ruggedly handsome freedom fighter. They meet and fall in love in the midst of a nation exploding in revolution. But neither war nor torture can quench the blazing affair of two people whose commitment to love and freedom becomes the greatest love story of those tumultuous times. This is a captivating story of a great love lost and regained, an adventure in history and humanity that will shatter your emotions and remain in your heart long after the last page is turned.

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