Laurence Anholt

Daft Jack and the Bean Stack

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Santrauka: Daft Jack is such a silly-billy. Who else would swap a cow for some baked beans – and think it's his lucky day? Daft Jack and his mother lived under a cow in a field: 'His mum slept at the front end . . . and Jack slept at the udder end.' In this side-splitting tale we learn how Jack and his mother swap their exclusive milk diet for one of baked beans, how Jack builds his beanstack and weans the giant from his exclusive diet of children. The liberties taken with the stories and their general silliness should seduce even the most reluctant readers over seven. The text is never overwhelming thanks to Arthur Robins' black and white cartoony illustrations which are adult in style with action and humour aplenty and were clearly executed with much enjoyment. This excellent production should run and run

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