Bradford Barbara Taylor

Letter From a Stranger

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Santrauka: When Justine Nolan return to her childhood home, she discovers a letter containing a shocking revelation which could change everythong she belevies about her family,s recent history. Justine resolves to uncover the truth. She travels to Istanbul - the teeming, beguiling city on the cusp of East and West. It is a place which holds its own secrests, leading her to a fascinating and mysterious man. And then Justine is faced with a further mystery, this time surrounding her beloved grandmother,s background. As the real story unfolds, she is taken back to the darkest days of European history. At the heart of it lie the final facts of her family,s identity - and her own. The letter from a stranger has brought her not only to the truth about her family but also a chance to heal the wounds of past betrayals - to embrace a new love and a new life.

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