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Bonjour, Happiness!

Jamie Cat Callan
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French women didn't invent happiness. But they know a thing or two about joie de vivre--being alive to each delicious moment.
As a young girl, Jamie Cat Callan was fascinated by her French grandmother. Though she had little money, Jamie's grand-mère ate well, dressed well, and took joy in simple, everyday pleasures. As Jamie journeyed through France as an adult, she gained more insight into the differences between French and American women. French women--whether doctors, shop owners, or housewives--don't worry about being thin enough, young enough, or accomplished enough. They age gracefully and celebrate their bodies. They know how to balance their lives--to love food without overeating, to work hard but not too much, to relish friends and family, and still make time for themselves. Now Jamie draws on everything French women have taught her and shows you how to:

Buy and consume less--and enjoy more

Look like a million Euros on a few francs

Find time to be alone

Flirt à la française

Rediscover your own mystery

Perfection isn't attainable, but happiness always is. And this uplifting, revelatory book shows every woman how to embrace it--and savor it.

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