David Michael

Indie Game Development Survival Guide

Santrauka: The games industry has exploded into a multibillion industry with blockbuster games that sell millions of copies. This phenomenal success has established a huge market and created the opportunity for independent developers to create and sell their own games. Do you have an innovative game idea you'd like to develop for this market, but aren't sure how to get started? If so, The Indie Game Development Survival Guide will show you how. Beginning with insightful guidelines for developing a truly unique idea, you'll learn everything you need to consider when publishing a small-to-no-budget game. Details on how to design, plan, schedule, develop, and test your game are explored in depth. Choosing the best technology for the job is also covered, along with team management tips for setting up and managing a team, even if it's just you and one other person. Once you've worked through these important stages, you'll discover new and innovative ways to use the Internet to market, test, and deliver your game, including details on successful selling methods Whether you are a programmer, artist, sound engineer, or game enthusiast, this is the one resource you'll need to get started as an independent developer.

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