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Design for a Wilderness

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Santrauka: It is common for those who are fettered to a factory bench or office desk to dream of escaping to work for themselves. But after more than twenty years in industry, I took the plunge to earn my living with my pen. When I succeeded in buying a cottage and ninety acres of secluded woodland, where I could create a wildlife sanctuary, it seemed to be the pinnacle of my ambition. I soon found that there is no such thing as 'balance' in nature but only perpetual change. I discovered that my beloved wilderness was a wasting asset: that, left to itself, it would deteriorate until it was no longer attractive to many of the threatened species I wanted to encourage. The only way I knew to prevent this was to evolve a practical plan for its conservation - which is the modern jargon word for what gamekeepers have been doing for generations! Sportsmen and naturalists have so much in common that they are stupid to alienate each other by allowing their lunatic tails to wag such reasonable dogs. So I hope that the design I have evolved for the management of my wilderness will be of some service to both camps.

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