Karen Osman

The good mother

Santrauka: Three women—all with secrets. Secrets that can no longer be ignored.Catherine is a good mother and a good wife. The family home is immaculate, her husband's supper is cooked on time, but when she starts writing to Michael, a prisoner convicted of murder, she finds herself obsessing about his crime and whether he can ever truly be forgiven . . .Kate has no time for herself. Caught in the maelstrom of bringing up two young children with no *, and an out-of-work husband, she longs to escape the drudgery of being a wife and a mother. And she soon starts taking dangerous risks to feel alive . . .Alison has flown the nest. But university life is not what she had hoped for, and she finds herself alone and unhappy. Until the day her professor takes a sudden interest in her. Then everything changes . . .A gripping psychological suspense with a shocking twist that will leave you reeling . . . Perfect for the fans of Jenny Blackhurst and Sue Fortin.

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