Faye Kellerman

Serpent's Tooth

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Santrauka: A busy night at an elegant restaurant. Minutes later a gunman opens fire. Thirteen people are dead, dozens wounded, the medics working frantically to save them. Your worst nightmare. But at least the culprit seems clear. An ex-employee ambled up to the bar then sprayed the room with bullets, finally turning the gun on himself. But Lieutenant Peter Decker, in charge of the investigation, needs to understand what drove the man to such a terrible act. And some details don't quite add up. Then when he interviews an attractive woman whose wealthy parents were killed in the massacre he finds himself suddenly slapped with a sexual harassment suit - an accusation that means an interview by the police complaints authority, exposing his wife Rina and their complex past relationship to their salacious scrutiny... Somehow, he must discover the truth behind these horrible murders and bring to justice the well-connected woman he now believes to be a ruthless killer - without losing the career that, along with his family, is his life...

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