Cheryl Cole

My story

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Santrauka: When Cheryl Cole was a little girl all she wanted to do was perform. Growing up in Newcastle, she dreamed of one day appearing on TV. Cheryl followed that dream, and shot to fame at the age of eighteen as a member of Girls Aloud. Since them she has dominated both the charts- and the headlines. Along the way there have been highs and lows- from the exciting early days of being in a band to making her debut as a solo artist; her fairytale marriage to Ashley Cole to the heartache of having the paparazzi capture her every move when it ended; and her immense popularity as a judge on the UK X Factor to the challenges she faced on the show in the US. Always a true fighter, Cheryl emerged from every challenge stronger and now, for the first time, she's ready to set the record straight and tell her story her way- straight from the heart.

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