Baker William

Kylie: La La La

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Būklė: Puiki


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Santrauka: This book is a must for every Kylie fan, it is a celebration of Kylie and Generation K, plus it is a look at pop culture and how Kylie has influenced it and been influenced by it. William Baker will take you back to childhood when you first remember seeing Kylie in Neighbours to the pop icon she has become today. With text from Baker, plus hand written notes from Minogue, they both compliment each other perfectly, to cram 15 years of an incredible life into this book must have been hard but it is compelling reading, a book that is very hard to put down till its completed plus the pictures can be looked at many times, but on every viewing you see another photo you didn't see before and see actually how many guises Kylie has had. Love her or hate her (surely no one can?) you will love this book, if you know any Kylie doubters buy them this book as a gift, there opinion about Kylie will change overnight and give her the respect she is due.


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Kaina: 6 EUR
Būklė: Puiki

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