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It's me o Lord : the autobiography of Rockwell Kent

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Santrauka: Luckily, I found this in a public library. It's pretty much a curio of its time--the McCarthy era, from the vantage point of a radical protester who found himself at odds with the administration for a trip he had taken to Russia in the 1930s. Kent's bluster and bravado infuses every page of this hectoring, big-shouldered, he-man tale, and as an artist known once widely for his engravings, drawings, paintings, and adventures in Greenland and points north of Maine, it brings back, in exhaustive detail, his upbringing and his thoughts and his tale over the first part of the last century. The illustrations, curiously, are interspersed throughout the volume in abundance, if not where you would expect them to comment upon the precise page upon which they are placed. Kent notes that they are to comment on the text, idiosyncratically! I do not know if many people remember Kent today, but his prose and artistic style of bold lines and deep cuts, shadows, heroism, robust men and lissome (if solidly built) women certainly recalls a whole era of Depression-era America, when so many volumes, government-sponsored art projects, and public and private buildings were graced with this now-bygone spirit of optimism and humanism.

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