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Customs Ignored: Lithuanian and Australian Photography

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Santrauka: The book Customs Ignored: Lithuanian and Australian Photography unites 18 portfolios of 9 Lithuanian and 9 Australian Photographers, and speaks about the common issues, existing in the creative photography of two entirely different countries and cultures, knowing very little about each other beyond the surface of stereotypes. Australia is seen on Lithuanian media agenda only in cases of shark bites or when polititians threatten the topless beach culture, but nothing more specific. Lithuania is almost invisble in comtemporary Australia. In the news it was in 1990s, during the events of restitution of the Lithuanian Independence. The two cultures have nothing in common? The appraition of this book proves the contrary: the globalized world is a lot more sensible to the intercultural, international, even intercontinental relations and dialogues, and seemingly, the discourse touches the same grounds on the different hermishperes. Photographers of both countries pursue goals of being seen and heard of, in their works trying to document, discuss, or maybe escape the alienation of the afluent and comfortable Western society.

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