Deary Terry

The Slimy Stuarts: Bombs and Broomsticks

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Santrauka: This is No. 6. 'The Slimy Stuarts: Bombs & Broomsticks', in The Horrible Histories Partwork (magazine - fortnightly) collection published by Eaglemoss publications, priced originally (in 2003) at £1.99. As with all the issues in this series, it is based on the bestselling books by Terry Deary and expertly illustrated in full colour from cover to cover, on all 24 pages, by Martin Brown. Contents: 1. Terrible Times: The Rotten Reign of Slimy James - the true story of England's first Stuart King. 2. Who's Who? Wit or Twit? Meet jumpy James I and some of his crackpot courtiers. 3. Front Page News: The Stuart Standard - Funny forks, freaky fairs and brand new bibles - read all about it. 4. Petrifying Places: a) Cellar of Terror - Will Guy Fawkes be foiled? Will Parliament go boom? b) Gunpowder, Treason and Lies? The explosive TRUTH about the infamous plot and how it was stopped. 5. Life and Strife: a) Trial and Terror - visit a vile village witch trial - and see the horror happen. b) Witch Watch: How Stuart sneaks spotted a witch - their wicked tortures and tricks. c) Eat like a Stuart - nice new icy nosh and how roast dinners were cooked by dogs. d) Stuart Street Slang - learn some Stuart lingo - are you a bit 'buffle' or just very 'dossy'? 6. Awesome activities - Puzzles - test your slimy Stuart skills - and try out a real recipe!

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