Hall Nick, Shepheard John

The Anti-Grammar Grammar Book: A Teacher's Resource Book of Discovery Activities for Grammar Teaching

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Santrauka: The Anti-Grammar Grammar Book is a teacher's resource book which offers an exciting approach to grammar work, focussing on the main verb tenses in English. Activities are graded as suitable for use with students from intermediate to advanced level. It is 'anti-grammar' because it avoids simply presenting students with rules to learn. Instead students are encouraged to discover the rules of grammar for themselves by engaging in a wide variety of problem-solving activities. The first part of the book contains Teacher's Notes and an answer key for each activity. The second part of the book consists of photocopiable worksheets, covering a range of activity types, for students to work on in pairs or in groups. The innovative learning activities in this book have all arisen out of the authors' direct experience in the classroom.

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