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Būklė: Labai gera
Miestas: Vilnius



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 Kaina: 2.40 EUR
  Būklė: Labai gera
 Miestas: Vilnius

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  • Peerless• prieš 6 mėnesius

    Really nice to know about the medical records. I think that EPR software allows a pa;#7nt&i821ets medical notes to be made available to all medical personnel that need access to it, in different departments and locations.

  • Marylada• prieš 6 mėnesius

    Loved this! I’ve decided that I like vacuuming much better than wiping. The vacuum do2s;e17nt get in the way of the camera. I also liked his scoop and press method, he got a lot of junk out that way. He even gave the cyst a good squeeze at the end! Well-loved.

  • Cherry• prieš 6 mėnesius

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  • Reignbeau• prieš 6 mėnesius

    Oceu6Scelt2s Senk,Your wizard is looking good, man. None of your gear is weak. Looks awesome.The only suggestion I have is to take out blur. Your armor and resistances plus crystal shell are doing enough to defend you against melee attacks. switch it out to evocation to shave a few seconds off your cooldowns

  • Jolyn• prieš 6 mėnesius

    Tja, die Queen Mum lebt ja ledeir nicht mehr, aber das mit dem Butler James lass ich mir ‘mal durch den Kopf gehen.

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