Walter Reich

Origins of terrorism

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Santrauka: Part I. Strategy or Psychology?: Origins of Terrorist Behavior 1. The Logic of Terrorism: Terrorist Behavior as a Product of Strategic Choice Martha Crenshaw 2. Terrorist Psycho-logic: Terrorist Behavior as A Product of Psychological Forces Jerrold M. Post Part II. Varieties of Terrorism: Ideological and Religious Motivations 3. Ideology and Rebellion: Terrorism in West Germany Konrad Kellen 4. Ideology and Repentance: Terrorism in Italy Franco Ferracuti 5. The Psychopolitical Formation of Extreme Left Terrorism in a Democracy: The Case of the Weathermen Ehud Sprinzak 6. Terrorism in Democracies: Its Social and Political Bases Ted Robert Gurr 7. Sacred Terror: A Contemporary Example from Islam David C. Rapoport 8. The Moral Logic of Hizballah Martin Kramer Part III. States of Mind: How Do Terrorists Think? Which Psychological Mechanisms Enable Them to Do What They Do? 9. Mechanisms of Moral Disengagement Albert Bandura 10. The Readiness to Kill and Die: Suicidal Terrorism in the Middle East Ariel Merari Part IV. Responding to Terrorism: Decision Making and the Pressures on Leadership 11. Hostage Taking, the Presidency, and Stress Margaret G. Hermann and Charles F. Hermann 12. Taking Vows: The Domestication of Policy-Making in Hostage Incidents Gary Sick Part V. The Psychology of Terrorism: What Can We Know? What Must We Learn? 13. Questions to Be Answered, Research to be Done, Knowledge to Be Applied Martha Crenshaw 14. Understanding Terrorist Behavior: The Limits and Opportunities of Psychological Inquiry Walter Reich - See more at:


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  • Knyga geros būklės. Galima atsiimti Vilniuje Karoliniškėse arba Verslo trikampyje (arba kur nors...

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Būklė: Puiki
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