Mortimer Carole

To be a Bridegroom

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Santrauka: Okay, in theory i like the books. I've read all three of them by now in the span of a week. My opinion, no offense to the author, is that all these books are so similar. All 3 brothers have EXACTLY the same personality when you read EACH book. In Jarret's book i thought "Oh, Jonathan is the lighthearted one" Than reading Jonathan's book, his attitude, personality etc was exactly like Jarret's and than again the same thing with Jordan's book. Author had a hard time separating the characters, i felt they were all the same personality with different names and different women under a title with a different book. Thats why i didn't like this series or the way the author wrote. And i read a LOT of books, so I've seen so many different writing styles. Mortimer was not one of my favored as she tended to use inappropriate description in random scenes. They could be talking about curtains and he would have said something "with an edge" "rasped" "bit out angrily"...i don't understand why in a casual conversation they would suddenly be angry. Random crap like that set me off this book. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone, its lacking in structure, men lack personality, its really not that romantic, format need A LOT of work, lacks the "flow" of a good book and you finish each story unsatisfied, uninspired and uninterested. I literally had to drag myself to finish this series. Anyway i would love to hear someone else's interpretation of the book.


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Būklė: Gera
Miestas: Vilnius

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