Bingham Charlotte


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Santrauka: When Trilby meets Lewis, the all-powerful proprietor of a newspaper group, she suspects that her life might be about to change, but not, as it happens, forever. For not only does Lewis wish to acquire her cartoon strip, but also Trilby herself.Trilby is inevitably drawn to this handsome, older, and far more sophisticated personality, just as Lewis is, from the outset, determined to marry Trilby, despite opposition. But Trilby finds that once they return home from their honeymoon, Lewis starts to change, revealing himself to be insanely possessive.Becoming a prisoner in her own home is not something that Trilby had ever dreamt could happen to a young woman in 1950s London, but Lewis can do anything he wishes because of who he is, and it is not long before Trilby discovers that Lewis will go to any lengths to keep Trilby locked in his life. It is only when she strays into the attic that Trilby discovers the real reason for her husband's unforgiveable behaviour.That she undergoes a complete change, not just of her appearance but also of her heart, and eventually escapes with the help of her new love, Piers, is nothing short of a miracle. After hiding out in an idyllic rural setting, Trilby is determined never to be found by Lewis, but she counts without the depth of emotion her estranged husband feels, and his determination to return Trilby to his side...

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