Vincenzi Penny

Into Temptation

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Santrauka: The Lytton family past is full of secrets. Only one person knows them all and that is Lady Celia Lytton, the family matriarch. Some are more dangerous than others, some entirely her own, others shared with her family, all absolutely safe in her keeping. Until something happens that threatens to reveal them all: the difficult, dark past of Adele, one of her twin daughters; the dreadful cruelty of a truth that had to be confronted by Celia's son Kit; the shadows of Celia's own past and that of Barty Miller, the child she rescued from the slums in babyhood and who now owns more than half of the Lytton publishing house - all these secrets and many more." How the family copes with the danger of revelation, the dark shadows of the past cast over their present and future lives and the effect on the next generation, makes a fascinating and compelling story. A family drama that captures the spirit of an age and tells the story of the Lytton family.

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