Hitchcock Alfred

Tales to Take Your Breath Away

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Santrauka: Stories Included In This Book: The Arrowhead Prison Riddle by Bill Pronzini, End of the Line by Edward D. Hoch, The Dettweiler Solution by Lawrence Block, The Whitechapel Wantoms by Vincent McConnor, Cora's Raid by Isak Romun, A Cup of Herbal Tea by Robert S. Aldrich, Albion, Perfidious Albion by Everett Greenbaum, Life or Breath by Nelson DeMille, The Silver Lining b more » y Mick Mahoney, A Private Little War by William Brittain, Susperscam by Francis M. Nevins, Jr., Have You Ever Seen This Woman? by John Lutz, Joe Cutter's Game by Brian Garfield, A Cabin in the Woods by John Coyne, Crook of the Month by Robert Block, Death of a Peruke-Maker by Clayton Matthews, The Forever Duel by James McKimmey, The Challenge by Carroll Mayers, Extra Work by Robert W. Wells, The First Moon Tourist by Duffy Carpenter, The Long Arm of El Jefe by Edward Wellen, Death Sentenance by Stephen Wasylyk, Kid Cardula by Jack Ritchie, Invisible Clue by Jeffry Scott, Accidental Widow by Nedra Tyre, Element of Surprise by Bruce M. Fisher, Looking for Milliken Street by Joyce Harrington, Judgement Postponed by Robert Edward Eckels, and The Window by William Bankier

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