Cook Robin

Chromosome 6

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Santrauka: Robin Cook, doctor turned writer, has produced a bundle of popular books in the "medical thriller" genre. I've read most of them, so it is fair to say that I generally enjoy Dr. Cook's work. His medical knowledge and use of topical ideas from the health care field make his tales intriguing, and they are always fast-paced. Unfortunately, character development is not a priority, and Cook's plots have tended to become increasingly predictable and far-fetched. CHROMOSOME 6 is an improvement over some of Dr. Cook's other recent books. He divides the action between the U.S. and an African research facility, and he raises some genuine concerns with regard to cloning and bio-engineering. Also, he brings back a likeable protagonist (Dr. Laurie Montgomery) from a previous book. The action is non-stop, so boredom isn't a problem.

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