Auezovas Muchtaras


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Santrauka: Consist:Befor crossing, On Zhailyau, Over the foothills, Herd roads, Through the pass, At the crossroads, At the summit, Epilogue. Auezov was born into a nomadic family from what is today Abay District, in East Kazakhstan Province. His grandfather taught him to read and write. Auezov was then educated at the Semipalatinsk Teacher's Seminary and Leningrad State University. Auezov is best known for his plays. The first play he authored was Enlik-Kebek, a story of two young lovers which bears a great resemblance to Romeo and Juliet. He authored more than twenty plays which dealt with issues relevant to Socialism in Kazakhstan. After writing plays, Auezov changed his focus to writing novels. Two novels - Abay and The Path of Abay - dealing with the life of Kazakh poet Abay Qunanbayuli were the product of the last twenty years of his life.


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