Runiewicz Malgorzata

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investments on the Export Competitiveness of the Baltic States in the European Single Market

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Santrauka: Contents: Theoretical background to foreign direct invesments as a factor of export competitiveness; Export competitiveness in international competitiveness theory; Manufacturing FDI and its role in developing Export Competitiveness; Measuring FDI Impact on employment and export competitiveness methods and tools applied in the research model; The conceptual background of foreign-owned and domestic companie's survey; Evolution of foreign direct investment flows to baltic states: geographical, sectoral and regional structure; Economic, legal and institutional conditions for trade and investment in baltic states. The role of EU Accession Agreements; Dynamics, geographical structure and privatization as main factors of FDI inflows to Baltic States in 1992-2003; Export competitiveness of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia in the European Single Market; The role of foreign direct investments; Conclusions and implications to national policies in terms of using FDI for improving international export competitiveness.

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