Hart Erin

Lake of Sorrows

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Santrauka: Death hangs heavy in the disturbed air of Ireland,s lonely Loughnabrone peat bog, an ancient, holy place, steeped in legend, drowned in sorrow and long since abandoned by man. Two corpses have been found. One ancient, one modern. Both killed in the same ritualistic way. Pathologist Nora Gavin and her lover, forensic archaeologist Cormac Maguire, are forced to work together once again to solve these strange, brutal deaths. However, as rumours of revenge and hidden gold swirl around the choking peat dust, Nora and Cormac must realise that Ireland,s gruesome pagan past is nothing compared to the very immediate dangers that threaten not only their relationship, but also their lives. LAKE OF SORROWS is a tense, mesmerising thriller of ancient mystery and very modern menace, from the acclaimed authour of HAUNTED GROUND...

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